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       Hello, welcome to my mouse hole. I'm know as Jerry Mouse and the picture to the left is of me. left is my picture. This webpage was created for me by Erik Mouse for reasons that he is a fan of the Tom & Jerry cartoons I am from. Now, if you happen to be a "Mouseketeer" fan of Tom & Jerry visting here who wants to see Tuffy Mouse, please go to Tuffy Mouse's Page, or if you are interested in seeing Tom Cat, the cat that gives me no end of trouble on the show, please go to Tom Cat's Page. But if you are just looking for Tom & Jerry information, you came to the right place. This website features a Tom & Jerry Page with images you are welcome to look at. Speaking of images, Erik Mouse created an image of me and Tom Cat in a paint program. To view the images he created, click on the links in the table below. I also have a Yahoo! Club called Jerry Mouse's Mouse Hole if you are interested in checking it out and discussing Tom & Jerry with me and Tuffy Mouse. To view the club, please click on the above banner. Also, I'm one of Erik Mouse's favorite characters. He likes me because he has a love for mice characters. Erik Mouse is from the Kingdom of Mythica which has a small population now, but it's starting to grow. Thank you for stopping by!! Also, please don't forget to sign my guestbook.
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